Station #1- Rotating Tapas & Appetizers

Imported & Domestic Cheese Display, Fresh Vegetable Crudité and Seasonal Fruit display

Assorted crostini, Smoked salmon on pumpernickel, Assorted bruschetta, Hummus bites,

Antipasto skewers, Ratatouille tartlets, assorted sliders and Guacamole bites

Station #2- Artist Pallet of Dips

Mini soft pretzel bites, Saratoga potato chips and Tortilla chips

Blood-orange whole grain mustard, Apple-curry crème fraiche, Black truffle-shallot dip, Sesame-ginger aioli, Chipotle-caramelized onion bbq, Soy-maple sour cream, Raspberry-horseradish honey mustard, Mulberry-wasabi dip, Green goddess dip and Salted caramel butter cream

Station #3- Oyster Bar

Assorted freshly shucked East & West Coast oysters, assorted sauces and toppings

Station #4- Sliders & Small Bites

Char Sui Pork Bun Sliders, Smoked chicken tacos and Pork belly sandwiches

Station #5- Pasta Station

Drunken macaroni & cheese with pretzel crust, Miso-soy glazed shrimp Lo Mein,

Springfield ravioli and assorted salads

Station #6- Dessert Station (Master’s Baker Sponsored)

“Don’t Fear the Finger” Cake

Assorted cookies and Chocolate-Stoudt brownies