We met like most people tend to do these days: over a dating app.
After a little back and forth texting, we decided to meet at Sly Fox in Malvern.
That encounter led to many other dates out and about in Chester county, Philadelphia, and eventually, Ciara’s family’s home country of Ireland, where with the gracious help of Ciara’s sister Aisling, I proposed to Ciara at the scenic location of Sliabh Liag (pronounced Sleeve League), a mountain on the Atlantic coast of County Donegal, Ireland. … read full essay

Please enjoy the following his/her stories… we both wrote our renditions of our love story… We are set to get married November 12, 2022 and we both cannot wait. 

Chris and I met like every good love story in the 21st century… we both swiped right…

Our first date was March 17, 2017 at Sampan Inn in Havertown… yes we got Chinese food on St.

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-Kutztown University, 220 Sander Alley, my senior year 2020, where I have met some of my lifelong friends. I had the time of my life at KU and was in a sorority and we were partnered with a fraternity who did some good works and had loads of fun at the same time. The girls and guys became one big family like group, we all had each other’s backs and hung out all the time. … read full essay

My wife Maureen and I met through mutual friends at a birthday outing. Everyone was at a local hotspot drinking and dancing the night away. I had come with a buddy with no expectations other than making some new friends. I saw Maureen and she caught my interest. We met again through the same friends and it didn’t take much time before we connected. 
To be honest I had no intentions of meeting anyone. … read full essay

Like a true Millenial couple, Madison and Steve met on the dating app, Hinge. On January 27, 2018, Steve invited Madison for drinks and tacos at Merkle’s in Wrigleyville followed by ice cream from Oberweis- anyone who knows Madison knows that this was the highlight of the first date! They proceeded to talk on the phone during the week while Madison was traveling for work and explore Chicago when she returned on the weekends- trying new restaurants, seeing shows, and meeting each other’s friends. … read full essay

 The Fun Story :
In 1984 I attended a house party in Lansdowne , Pa.   A very large group of young people having fun on a summer night. I decided to walk down the basement where I hear cheering. I see a young adorable girl shooting pool playfully for money. She continues to win so this peeks my interest. I challenge her and she wins easily. … read full essay


We met our freshman year in high school. I was in Physical Education class when this six- foot, three hundred pound, fifteen year old approached me and introduced himself as Andres. We were instantly friends. He was such a sweet boy, always showering me with gifts and helping my single mother in all her endeavors to provide for my sister and I. … read full essay


Please help me give my fiance Uli a wonderful gift that I never could. We met a little over 2 years ago. I was going through a really rough couple of years prior to that. To say that she saved me sounds cliche but it is true. I have PTSD. I have been on 4 combat tours and on my second one our vehicle was hit by 2 roadside bombs and a rocket on three separate days. … read full essay


Once upon a November night in 2016 SSG Sean, who I “right swiped,” convinced me to meet him at Chickie and Pete’s, in Philadelphia. As I helped myself to his fried shrimp, which he reluctantly shared, I felt something different. We clicked. He got me. Little did I know that 2.5 years later we would be planning a wedding. … read full essay