Nikolas & Nicolette

-Kutztown University, 220 Sander Alley, my senior year 2020, where I have met some of my lifelong friends. I had the time of my life at KU and was in a sorority and we were partnered with a fraternity who did some good works and had loads of fun at the same time. The girls and guys became one big family like group, we all had each other’s backs and hung out all the time. May, 2020 graduation was coming quickly and the pandemic had made KU virtual, how would our graduation look? I went home to West Chester with frequent trips up to KU.

While time was passing, Nik, my good friend and I were seemingly growing closer and our relationship was taking a new turn and it was good. My time at KU found me very lucky to have found this man who was a good man and wanted our relationship to continue and to develop into something more!

Our summer, 2020 was great, we spent a lot of time together, with family, friends, trips to the beach, and really falling in love with each other. I knew in my heart that I had found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Nik was everything I knew that I wanted in my life partner.

 Fast forward to September, 2020, I was having trouble with my eye and was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma, a very rare cancer that 6 in 1 million people are diagnosed with each year. Nik, was amazing, he told me that he would hold my hand thru it all and that he did. He has been with me through it all, supporting me, cheering me on, and as he promised holding my hand.This diagnosis, will never define me or us, we wont let it!

On July 10, 2021 at 5:32am on Ocean City’s beach at a perfect sunrise, Nik Feinsilber held my hand and asked me to be his wife. With our family hiding in the dunes, I said YES and all of my dreams came true. After a brunch at The Deauville Inn, Nik surprised me with a party of 100 on the beach to cheers with us! To say that it was exactly how I had always envisioned my engagement day, would be an understatement!

We have set our date, we will say I DO on September 1, 2023, surrounded by all of those that we love and who love us!

Yes our lives have taken some twists and turns and we have had some difficult days, but the beautiful days have far outnumbered them. I believe that our journey has made us stronger and our love is the gift that we will be forever grateful for.

Thank you for letting us tell our story, it is ours and we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together making memories that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to love, Cheers to marriage!      

Engagement: 7/10/2021  Wedding: 9/1/2023