IN YOUR OPINION CHRIS, WHAT IS THE BEST GRILLING MEAT? Skirt Steak and thinly cut beef chuck flap.

WHAT IS A TIME-SAVING KITCHEN HACK FOR THE BBQ? A time-spender early, but a time-saver later! Blanch and shock vegetables such as asparagus, baby carrots or cabbage leaves.  Pat dry and toss with EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), salt, and any other seasoning you prefer.  When ready to eat, quickly grill over high heat to obtain grill flavor and slightly char the exterior.  This will keep them fresh and delicately charred without drying out. (Eggplant, tomato, zucchini etc. you would not blanch)

WHAT IS YOUR #1 GRILLING TIP? Constantly flip the meat…don’t worry about getting those “commercial perfect” crosshatch grill marks or you’ll sacrifice the overall quality of the meat in return for a nice picture.  Any concentration on one side and the meat will rubber band and curl like a shoehorn. Also, when “marinating” or “saucing while grilling”, avoid too much sugar in all forms – this will definitely make the meat burn.  Grilling should be high heat.   Only slow cooking (like smoking) should there be more than just a bit of sugar.

WHAT’S THE SECRET TO FLAVORFUL & TENDER MEAT ON THE GRILL? Back to turning the meat often on the grill bars.  Think of it like it being on a rotisserie.  Also, if the meat is too thick, it probably should not be grilled.  Nice, quickly cooked meat (no more than 1.5″) is best in my opinion. {Thicker products can be grilled, but they should be allowed to rest off the heat on a rack after about 75-80% cooked.  Then return the meat back to the grill to finish the remainder of cooking when almost ready to sit down and eat.}

CHRIS’ SECRET SAUCE RECIPE: (For Marinade or Heated for Finishing)

In a blender: 2 garlic cloves peeled – 1/2 C. parsley rough chopped – 2 scallions rough chopped – 1/2 C. EVO – 2 tsp salt – 1 tsp good paprika – 1 T. red wine vinegar




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