Some things remain classics, while others continue to evolve. Such is life. One can easily bring to mind great sports cars, like the Ford Mustang, that have seen many changes over the years, but still retain their essence. As we grow and evolve, we keep the best and upgrade the rest.

At The Desmond, we go through change, too.

For instance, we’ve updated our restaurant space. It’s taken some time (change is a process), but we’re pleased with the results—and we know that you’ll be, too. We’ve even done a little name change with one of our eateries—and all will be revealed soon! What hasn’t changed, though, is our wonderful staff and unwavering commitment to offering the finest cuisine. You’ll still find those familiar smiles and favorite menu items.

Our team is the heart of The Desmond, and it’s through them that we’re able to give all of our guests unparalleled service from the moment they walk in the door. Whether it’s a weeklong stay or an evening out, we’re here to make you feel at home.

Home keeps you coming back, and just like some of our “regulars,” some of our staff members have been calling The Desmond home for decades. In fact, we’re so proud to have such an amazing, talented and caring bunch that for this blog post, we wanted to focus on them. Meet Jackie, Collin and Michael—a few of our team members who help make every day special. Read on to hear their thoughts on the new space and life at The Desmond.

Jackie Fong

Jackie has been a server at The Desmond for 21 years, and has an incredible memory for your preferred beverage! Her favorite part about the new restaurant space? “It looks bigger and there’s more light,” she says with a smile. Jackie’s motto is to “treat others how you want to be treated, and you’ll never be wrong.” We couldn’t agree more! “Comfort” is how Jackie sums up being at The Desmond. “Everyone who walks in is more than our guest; they’re family. Even if we don’t have it on the menu, if it’s in the kitchen, it’s yours.” Jackie’s favorite foods at The Desmond? “So hard to choose! Our crab bisque is the best, and everyone can’t get enough of our award-winning mushroom soup and famous bread pudding.”

Collin Walters

Collin has been a server with us for 27 years! He describes the updated style, color and furniture of the new restaurant space as “modern and inviting.” How would Collin describe working at The Desmond? “Stress-free, service-oriented and fun.” He cites the standout quality of visiting The Desmond as “the positive connection that is established between us and our guest.”

Michael Ryan

“Most of the restaurant staff have worked at the Desmond for 5 or more years,” said Michael, who has been a server for 13 years. “I love how we work together and get along like family. Guests notice this and compliment how they feel right at home from the moment they check in until they check out.” His favorite part of the new space? “The colors—they really brighten up the room and makes it appear more open. I also love the new chandeliers and the design of the ceiling.”

We hope you’ll visit us soon to see what’s new—and what’s not—and let our servers welcome you like family.


For 25 years, The Desmond Hotel has earned a reputation for superior hospitality and comfort. We boast 194 well-appointed nonsmoking guest rooms and suites with modern amenities and hotel-wide free Wi-Fi. Our luxurious property offers three onsite dining options, two bars, indoor and outdoor fitness and beautiful grounds. We have the perfect setting for you—no matter the occasion. The Desmond is ideal for corporate meetings and retreats, wedding receptions and any kind of celebration. Events of all sizes welcome!

Nathan Greenwood

Featured photo: CVC Construction; text photo: The Desmond