Amphitheater AV System Features and Benefits

Step into a world of cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences at our state-of-the-art amphitheater, where audio and visual excellence meet. Our amphitheater boasts a top-tier AV system that elevates presentations and events to unparalleled levels.


Our comprehensive system caters to various audio needs commonly found in presentations and events. This includes seamless support for microphones, music, program audio, and audio conferencing, ensuring a seamless and immersive auditory experience for all attendees.


Our venue excels in audio conferencing and in-room sound reinforcement, setting the stage for flawless communication during your events. Embedded within the tiered ceiling are 16 strategically placed microphones, complemented by an advanced 8-channel wireless microphone system. This sophisticated setup ensures crystal-clear audio for conferencing purposes, efficiently capturing speech from anyone in the room. With six wireless microphones and two handheld devices, our system facilitates seamless question-and-answer sessions, making interactions effortless and engaging for all participants.

Sound Processing

Experience the pinnacle of audio management with our cutting-edge BiAmp audio processing system. Complete with a versatile chassis and custom-specified input and output cards, this system seamlessly handles all audio within the room, including microphones and program sources like audio from laptops or the cable tuner. Its advanced capabilities encompass custom sound processing, featuring top-of-the-line echo cancellation and equalization algorithms. The result is an audio experience that is nothing short of exceptional, delivering crisp and clear sound in every usage scenario, ensuring your events are elevated to perfection.


Immerse yourself in a world of captivating visuals with our state-of-the-art AV system. At the heart of it all is a brilliant, widescreen, HD projection system that ensures everyone in the room can enjoy content with utmost clarity. Adding to the immersive experience, four additional 55" screens are thoughtfully positioned midway, providing optimal viewing for all attendees.

Presenters have the freedom to connect their laptops or source devices from either the podium or the back of the room, seamlessly tying into both the video and audio systems. This adaptability caters to various presentation scenarios, ensuring a smooth and flexible event.

With a single cable running from the podium to the wall plate, audio, video, and control signals are efficiently transmitted, streamlining the setup and operation of our AV system.

To ensure impeccable image quality, our Digital Media signal processing solution scales content appropriately, eliminating image distortion and guaranteeing a visually captivating display. Additionally, the system allows for the seamless presentation of copy-protected content, accommodating diverse presentation needs.

Our impressive 5400-lumen, LCD, WXGA projector delivers stunning visuals, while the electric screen measuring 58" x 104" (119" diagonal) boasts high-resolution fabric, further enhancing the viewing experience for all attendees. Prepare to be captivated by the power of our AV system as it elevates your presentations to new heights of excellence.


While the integrated technology behind our system is undeniably complex, we've prioritized user-friendliness through a custom-designed touch-control system. Featuring a sleek graphical interface, the system has been tailored specifically for seamless operation at The Desmond. With just two simple touches on the wireless touch panel, users can effortlessly power on the system, select a source, and begin their captivating presentation. This wireless setup empowers presenters to move freely, untethered from the podium, without compromising control over their presentation. Embrace the ease and freedom our touch-control system offers, making your presentations at The Desmond truly effortless and impactful.

Inputs, Outputs, and Signal Routing

Our AV system offers seamless support for both digital and analog input devices, including copy-protected digital content, ensuring versatility for your diverse needs. Users have the convenience of connecting their laptops or other devices to the projector from either the podium, equipped with HDMI and VGA cables, or from the back of the room, where an input plate allows for HDMI and VGA connectivity.

To streamline the setup and deliver a flawless presentation, all these input signals are intelligently routed back to a switcher presentation system, which then outputs a signal directly to the projector. Moreover, our system provides additional outputs, allowing for the capture of video and/or audio, giving you the flexibility to integrate external devices seamlessly into your presentation setup. Embrace the convenience and adaptability our AV system offers, making your events at The Desmond truly memorable and technologically advanced.