The system provides and supports multiple types of audio that are used commonly in
presentations and events including microphones, music and program audio, and audio
conferencing and recording.

Audio conferencing AND in-room sound reinforcement.  There
are 16 microphones installed in the tiered ceiling and a new digital, 8-channel wireless
microphone system. These are used for audio conferencing and can pick up speech
from anyone in the room.  The wireless microphones can be placed anywhere in the
room to provide supplemental pickup in areas that need it. All microphones can also
be used for in-room sound reinforcement! The wireless microphone system, consisting
of 6 table mics and two handhelds, will provide an easy way to do question-and-
answer sessions and allow everyone in the room to hear and be heard.

Sound Processing:
A BiAmp audio processing system, which includes a chassis
and custom-specified input and output cards, manages all of the audio from the room
including microphones and program sources such as audio from laptops or the cable
tuner. This system is includes custom sound processing such as echo cancellation and
equalization, to ensure that audio sounds crisp and clear in every usage scenario.

The system includes a bright, widescreen, 720p HD projection system that is large
enough for anyone in the room to see content clearly, ranging from office files such as
power point, excel and word documents, to cable TV, movies and other content.
A presenter can connect a laptop or other source device from the podium or the back of
the room and tie into both the video and audio systems, which accommodates flexible
presentation scenarios. A single cable runs from the podium to the wall plate and
carries, audio, video and control signals.

A Digital Media signal processing solution ensures that content is scaled appropriately
and displays on the projector without image distortion.  This digital media system also
allows copy-protected content to be displayed – it is HDCP compliant!
The projector is 5400-lumens, LCD, WXGA, and the screen is 58” x 104” (119” diagonal)
electric screen with high resolution fabric.

Though the integrated technology itself is complex, the system is easy to use because of
a simple touch-control system with a graphical interface that has been custom-designed
for The Desmond. Users can power on the system, select a source, a begin presenting
with two simple touches. The touch panel is wireless, giving a presenter freedom to be
untethered without losing control of the presentation.

Inputs, Outputs, and Signal Routing:
Support for Digital and analog input devices, support for copy-protected digital content.
Users can connect a laptop or other device to the projector from the podium, where
HDMI and VGA cables are present, and/or in the back of the room where an input plate
allows for HDMI and VGA connectivity. All of these signals are routed back to a switcher
presentation system that outputs a signal to the projector.
System outputs are also available to allow for capture of video and/or audio so external
devices can be brought in to capture. There is also a built-in audio recorder that can be
used which records to common file formats.